For Employers


Access Health is committed to improving the health status of our community. By engaging in the program your company is partnering to improve the health of your employees and their families through the Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) program. The business processes of the CHI Program make it possible for our large employer groups to manage the health risks and cost associated with their health plans. In partnership with providers, CHI is improving the quality and efficiency of our community healthcare delivery system.

Each participant in the CHI Program is assigned to a personal health coach. This would be their first contact for all their health care needs. To contact their health coach, please call (231) 728-5180.

Using analytics, health coaches work closely with providers to develop a health improvement plan tailored to individual needs and circumstances. Health coaches work directly with each participant throughout the process to ensure achievement of your optimal health status.

Benefits under the CHI program are:

  • Biometric Screenings
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Chronic Disease Management Courses
  • Face-to-face Health Coaching
  • Specific CHI Health Programs tailored to individual health improvement needs
  • Population Health Risk Report


All employees who are enrolled in the medical health plan, and spouses of employees who are also enrolled in the medical health plan are eligible to participate in the CHI program. The program can also be offered to all employees (regardless if on the medical health plan) to improve the health of the whole workplace. This is a choice on a per company basis on who is eligible to participate.


To help make sure that each participant achieves success in their health improvement journey, companies have provided incentives to employees and employee spouses who participate in the CHI program. Each program can be set up on an individual basis in terms of how the incentives are rewarded. This is a long term commitment to change the culture of Muskegon and the employee workforce. Research has shown to get the most effective results in participation is to use both incentives and consequences; the “carrot and stick” model to achieve maximum buy in and behavior culture change.

If you would like more informationon offering the the CHI Program at your company, please contact Lyn Carey or call 231-766-7112.

Why CHI Matters: The Access Health CHI program is more than a wellness program. For employers it is a risk management program that generates savings and improves productivity. CHI uses business analytics to identify the businesses health risks, and to employ targeted risk management solutions to mitigate the risks. For self-insured employer plans, CHI is a necessary risk management tool that can impact the cost of stop loss insurance and help employers retain their underwriting profits if they participate in a medical group captive.

In addition to risk management, business productivity depends, to a larger degree, on a healthy workforce. Muskegon County is one of the least healthy counties in Michigan, making a healthy workforce a challenge its business community. This also contributes to the high cost of health insurance for businesses. Population health management like CHI is critical to changing the health of  an individual business and the competitiveness of the business community as a whole. 

How CHI contributes to the health of a business is illustrated by the example of a Muskegon-based, self-insured employer whose business participates in the Access Health CHI program. With a workforce of 400 employees, the 2014 cost of the business’ health care has decreased to its 2003 level. As a result, the business estimates that it has saved $1.5 million over the past three years of engaging in the Access Health CHI program.

In addition to healthcare savings, businesses with a healthy workforce generally report increased levels of productivity, reduced absenteeism, and reduced Worker compensation costs. Employers generally find that in 80% of their Workers Compensation claims are for individuals with the highest medical claims for the group health plan.

Who To Contact: Businesses interested in learning more about CHI should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.