For Businesses

Businesses not required to offer insurance to their employees can improve employee health by contributing to the Continuous Health Improvement (CHI) program. Healthier workers are more productive and critical skill sets are retained the more time they can be on the job.

The CHI program has helped thousands of individuals become healthier by making small positive health changes that can make a big impact in their health. It is designed to engage individuals and empower them with the tools and support that help them take charge of their health.

Members get to “know their numbers” through participation in Health Risk Assessments and biometric and lab screenings. The results provide each member with their own personal health risk profile. Based on each person’s results, they will be assisted by the C3 Health Plan coaches in designing a health improvement plan that fits their individual needs. C3 further supports the CHI with classes a member can take and activities they can participate in to enjoy better health.

CHI Program Annual Requirements:

  • Health Risks Appraisal, biometrics and lab screenings – typically within the first month following enrollment
  • First meeting with a health coach – within the first three months
  • Attending the first health class to manage a health risk factor – within the first six months
  • Establish a Primary Care Physician – within the first six months
  • Second meeting with a health coach – before nine months
  • Attend a second health class – before the end of the enrollment year

The staff at Access Health has expertise in many areas such as: Exercise Science, Nutrition, Tobacco Cessation Education, Stress Management / Behavioral Health, Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, Cardiovascular Education, Nursing and much more. Staff will work with each person to create a personalized plan based on their current health status and to reduce health risks in the future.