Focus! Yoga to Build Concentration

No doubt about it, I’m passionate about yoga.  I’ve witnessed students take control over their health, their appearance, and the way they age. Designing the life you want is extremely powerful—yoga offers opportunities to lose weight, develop strength and improve flexibility—but it is yoga’s mental conditioning that can transform lives.    

This sequence starts with standing postures that gradually challenge your balance and ask you to stay mentally and physically centered.  As you practice, synchronize your breath with your movement, and notice the way your mind reacts to challenge and ease.  Through this process you will learn to focus on each moment, not letting your thoughts race ahead or replay the past.  Reducing your mind’s tendency to wander, criticize, formulate fears or limitations, strengthens your ability to concentrate.

Go through poses 1 to 9 on one side and then repeat on your other side before finishing in pose 10 to find a sense of calm. Bringing the full power of your mind to your daily life can create real change.  Remember though, exercising your brain is like exercising your abs- you have to do it more than once to see results!

By: Kim Shand

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