Small Steps

Is your new year’s resolution not working out the way you planned? Don’t get down on yourself! More than likely you set a goal that might be too big to reach right away. Don’t fret!

At Access Health, we have the tools and steps that you need to start working towards these bigger goals. There is one key to make this possible… small changes! Step by step you can develop the tools you need to make real changes.

When it comes to getting to your healthy weight, start a fun exercise program to keep you motivated. It always helps to have a goal in mind! Whether it be to manage a health condition, improve stamina, or reduce stress. Once you start an exercise program you will see improvements in sleep, fitness, confidence, and better control of appetite.

You can start by small steps:

  • Take a 10-minute walk just twice a week
  • Find an exercise that works for you: dance, yoga, or karate
  • Talk to your health care provider if you have any past health issues
  • Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator
  • Add a walk into your lunch time
  • Park far from the store while running errands
  • Move around with everyday house chores

Once you start making the small changes then…

  • Aim to exercise around 2.5 hours a week
  • Exercise does not need to happen all at once
  • Break it up into shorter time periods during the day

So don’t give up on that new year’s resolution, just make the small changes to lead to lasting results!

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